The 2022 PSSA Marsh Awards

We need your help to nominate our beautiful statue created by Christine Charlesworth for the 2022 PSSA Marsh Awards.

Nominations are encouraged from artists, designers, conservators, architects, commissioning bodies, sponsors, and members of the public.

The Marsh Awards acknowledge and commend excellence, increase awareness and discussion of public sculpture and fountains, and celebrate new work that demonstrates originality, aesthetic quality and sensitivity to its site. 

If the statue is shortlisted this would be fabulous for all involved and the town of Epsom. Now to nominate Emily the form can be confusing so to make it easier for you here are a few details you may not know.

Select Award: Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture

Title: Emily Davison Memorial Bench

Artist: Christine Charlesworth

Medium: Bronze and Granite

Date of unveiling: 8th June 2021

Address: Epsom Marketplace, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8EF

Map reference:

Can the work be accessed freely by the public? Yes

Is the work intended to be permanently sited at this location? Yes

Please attach one or more photographs: If you have a photo of the statue, especially with you sitting with her, please add them here.

Closing date for nominations is noon on Saturday 16 April 2022

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