L’Envoi, a poem by Emily Wilding Davison

A collection of poems written by Suffragette prisoners in Holloway prison, London between March and April 1912 were published by the Glasgow branch of the WSPU and know as the Holloway Jingles. Many of the women were not accomplished poets by found comfort in writing.

The tone and subject matter was quite varied ranging from satirical and topical to the more emotional and personal.

These poems by the imprisoned women provide an insight into the events they experienced, the people they encountered and the friendship they formed while living in harsh and unpleasant circumstances.

The last poem in the Holloway Jingles is L’Envoi by Emily Wilding Davison. Written just a year before her death.

L’Envoi, a poem by suffragette, Emily Wilding Davison Performed by Eva Traynor for Live Canon

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