International Women’s Day 2019

This International Women’s Day 2019 the Emily Davison Memorial Project were invited to The Ashley Centre, Epsom, Surrey. Local residents were invited to ask questions about the project and the maquette was on display for them to see. The first public showing of the maquette in Epsom town centre. The response was fantastic. Vice Chair Paul Taylor was on hand to explain the different parts of the statue that tells the story of Emily and for many this was a real eye opener. For many Emily is know only for walking in front of the Kings horse on Derby Day 1913. The 7 hunger strikes, Force fed 49 times and a her first -class honours at Oxford were a shock to many. Paul Taylor said ” This is more than just a statue the amazing work done by Christine Charlesworth highlights points in Emily life from the hat she was wearing on the 4th June to her hunger strike medal and her love of books. When designing the statue it was agreed that it was crucial that Emily’s statue would be educational for future generations”

At midday local women, including the Mayoress of Epsom & Ewell and Paralympian and winner of Bronze in Rio 2016 and London 2012 Alexandra Rickham, attended a photo call to remember Emily and recognise International Women’s Day also attending where women from local and county councils, Schools, Sports Clubs, Businesses and local Charities.

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