EDMP Annual Report 2019-2020

The Emily Davison Memorial Project AGM was held on Thursday 6th Feb at Epsom Town Hall below is the annual  report.

EDMP Annual Report

6th February 2020



Progress towards our goal has been made in 2019, despite the challenging economic climate, competition from many other well-deserving causes and with only a small, but committed group of members. We are now technically over halfway towards our target, when the Council’s £20,000 commitment is included.

The BID has been a focus of our attempts to get local business support for the project for some time, having exhausted our efforts to engage individual local companies. After many months of lobbying by the Chair, Vice Chair and Chair of the Strategies and Resources Committee at EEBC, Cllr. Eber Kingston, we have now been invited to present to the Board at their next meeting, so it is hoped that this may produce positive results. 

Once we are able to give the go-ahead for the artist to begin work, we can do a lot more promotion and attract the additional funds required for the project. With this in mind, and assuming we are able to do this in the coming weeks, we are optimistic that a new proposed unveiling date of International Women’s Day on March 8th 2021 will be reached.


Current balance

Please refer to the Treasurer’s Report for the detail on the finances for 2019.

At the time of writing this report, the current balance in the account is £7,575.36, an increase of £5,420.35 since the last AGM.


Due to increased costs over time, the budget has had to be reworked slightly to reflect this, as well as a commitment form Bourne Hall Museum’s to fund the cost of the information plaque.

The new budget as of 24/01/20 is as follows:









Bench, including engraving



Unveiling event










 In-kind Contributions
  • Bourne Hall Museum: Information plaque: Cost to be determined
  • EEBC: Preparation of site, installation, on-going insurance and
  • Individual donations (via PayPal and cheque)     £751.35
  • Sutton and Cheam Labour Party                      £100
  • Spire Healthcare                      £500
  • Unite the Union – South East Region                             £250           
  • Christchurch                 £200
  • SCC Community Allocations:                         £2,269
  • Radical Tea Towel Company                         £1,000
  • Co-op Community Fund (to date)                £ 172.37
  • Waitrose    £200
  • Epsom College                             £150                                                                                                 
Grant Applications

The following companies and foundations were formally approached. Unfortunately, none was successful:

  • Toyota
  • Surrey Community Fund
  • Goisoncott Foundation:
  • Henry Moore Foundation:
  • Royal Holloway College

We have not received any sponsorship this year.

Other On-going Fundraising Efforts

Sarah Dewing is still trying to get the Women’s Institute on-board in some way, either the National federation or local groups, and Paul Taylor is also in discussions with Epsom Civic Society and Surrey Arts Society.

Fundraising Events

Ashley Centre

The EDMP had a stall in the Ashley Centre in both March and June to raise local awareness and funds. Over £250 was raised.


Market Place

The statue is illustrated on the large infographic that was erected in the Market Place in the spring to inform the community of the refurbishment plan. However, this has led some to be under the impression that it has already been funded.

Online Presence

Facebook now has 726 followers, Instagram 100 and Twitter 181.

Our presence has increased slightly this year due to a greater online focus, particularly by Paul Taylor and Charlotte Dring. In addition, a new volunteer Phoebe Frangoul has been supporting Charlotte, particularly with Instagram. However, there is still a need for more activity on these platforms, to increase our online presence. We still hope to attract more volunteers for this.

Printed Media
  • The EDMP has been featured in several articles this year:
  • The Council’s Insight Magazine, January 2019 edition
  • The Royal Holloway College magazine (CD)
  • Once Upon a Town magazine, March 2020 edition (PF)
  • Tara Peggram from Trinity College Dublin interviewed Sarah Dewing for her PhD dissertation on the motivations of the commemoration of the suffragettes with statues, following the centenary of the Representation of the People Act in 2018. This has now been published.
  • Writer Gillian Harvey interviewed Sarah Dewing and her article has now been published in the 1st February edition of The People’s Friend.
Broadcast Media

Sarah was interviewed by BBC Radio Surrey in February 2019, following the Council’s announcement of financial support for the project.

The Statue

The committee recognises that until work begins on the statue, publicity and opportunities to increase awareness of the project will be limited. As a result, our priority at the beginning of 2020 is to raise enough funds to enable the artist to begin work on the first stage of its creation, up to the point the mould has been made and it is ready to go to the foundry. This will create multiple promotional opportunities and help to attract more contributions.

Legal Status

The EDMP has reviewed its current legal status as an Unincorporated Association and recognises that in order to enable it to make use of facilities such as Text DONATE and other sources of funding, and protect its members from financial liability, and it needs to apply to become an incorporated body, such as a Charitable Incorporate Organisation (CIO), under the regulation of the Charity Commission. This will be a focus in 2020.

 The Committee

Two members stepped down from the committee in 2019, Barbara Watts and Cllr. Tella Wormington.  We also have a new member, Phoebe Frangoul

The committee now consists of:

Sarah Dewing, chair

Paul Taylor, Vice Chair

Peter Stamps, Treasurer

Charlotte Dring

Subo Emanuel

Phoebe Frangoul

Cllr. Eber Kington also attends meetings as the Council’s representative.

 The Coming Year

2020 will be a crucial year for the project. The redevelopment of the Market Place is in full swing and we need a push to do what we can to enable Christine to start work  as soon as possible, to enable the statue to be ready for installation in early 2021. She is currently putting together a workshop about the process of making a bronze sculpture, to be held at Bourne Hall in early spring, both to raise funds and increase local awareness of the project.

We are hoping to register as a charity this year, in order to take advantage of the digital  ‘text donate’ facility to use on social media and publicity material as well as to gain access to more  sources of grants funding.

 Upcoming events in 2020

At the time of the AGM, we have several upcoming events:

  • Charlotte and Sarah to give a presentation at the Council’s Business Breakfast meeting on 11th
  • BID presentation, 18th February
  • Herald of Spring, Bourne Hall, 7th March: The EDMP has booked a stall to promote the project.
  • Christine’s Workshop, Bourne Hall (date tbc).
  • Bourne Hall Museum’s History Walk of local notable women on International Women’s Day and throughout the summer.

We are hoping that some of these will translate into contributions.


An article is due to be published in the Council’s newsletter for businesses and has also been offered to local Resident’s Associations to publish in their next newsletters.

 Other Sources of Funding

Paul is following up a possible donation by the Surrey Arts Society and Epsom Civic Society.

Thanks and Congratulations

Once again, thanks must go to all the individuals on the committee for their commitment to the project and giving up their time to attend meetings, arrange events, promotion, letter-writing, admin, following up prospective contributors, liaison, giving talks and presentations, etc.

I would also like to acknowledge council officers and councillors who continue to support our efforts to realise the goal of installing this iconic memorial in Epsom, particularly Councillor Eber Kington, who has never missed a meeting since the start of his involvement, and who has gone out of his way to encourage local businesses and individuals to support us.

I would also like to congratulate Charlotte for her recent OBE. This is very well deserved and we are very proud and fortunate to have her as a vital member of the committee.

Finally, I hope this year will be even more successful than the last and will see us on the path to our goal in early 2021, with Emily finally taking her rightful place in the market square, where she will remind us all of her place in the history of the town, the nation and women’s rights.

Sarah Dewing
Chair, EDMP

The project is organised and run by volunteers. Without your support this project will not happen and Emily will not have the recognition she deserves in the town where she died fighting for women to have the right to vote. Something we take for granted today.

As the slogan for the  Women’s Social and Political Union states  “DEEDS NOT WORDS”

If you are content to proceed, please click DONATE now and Thank You                       

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